This is what we offer.

We give you the opportunity to apply your professional qualifications and individual talents to a range of diverse projects.

Your benefits

  1. You will be part of a lively and partnership-based company culture which is characterized by trust, transparency and honesty.
  2. You will work with leading manufacturers from various industries.
  3. You will help to develop and create highly innovative products and technologies
  1. You will benefit from the experience and expertise of your team and reach your peak performance.
  2. You will enjoy continuous personal development through your projects and first-class training.
  3. You will have the opportunity to present and implement your ideas in the company.

Our expectations

  1. An open and honest approach
  2. Enthusiasm for tackling diverse challenges
  3. Willingness to develop personally and professionally
  4. Self-confidence when dealing with customers and suppliers
  1. Strong communication and organization skills
  2. Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  3. A systematic and analytical approach to your work and high quality standards
  4. Willingness to take on responsibility


Motivation & Recognition
We focus on long-term relationships based on partnership. To underline this philosophy, we have incorporated a range of material and non-material incentives in our HR policy. We continuously extend this partnership-based model by adding new ideas and elements.

AGP – Arbeitsgemeinschaft Partnerschaft in der Wirtschaft e.V.

The company’s success is shared with our employees. We are constantly developing ideas for new ways for them to participate in this success. To reinforce our commitment, in March 2013 we joined the AGP – a German association that promotes employee participation.
Currently, the AGP is the only association in Germany that is exclusively dedicated to tailored participation models. Its members include renowned companies that practice and promote participation concepts within their organizations.
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