Mission and Values

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Our Mission Statement

We stand for competence, efficiency, reliability and professionalism. A partnership-based and open corporate culture, material and intangible employee participation, transparency and trusting approach are essential building blocks of our company philosophy. We align our actions with the company’s goals, principles and the understanding of values and principles jointly developed by the employees. The Pixida Group’s mission statement summarizes these, it is lived by us and passed on to new colleagues.

Our Values

We have 12 guiding principles that were defined. By employees and which we live every day.

1 We secure the future of the company and of every single employee

Our entrepreneurial actions are determined by the will to create profit and to grow consciously and thoughtfully. In this way, jobs can be secured and the service portfolio expanded with new interesting areas of expertise.

2 We think and act in the interests of the company and our customers

It is our declared goal to successfully carry out a wide range of diverse and challenging projects. The corporate vision and goals are the basis for this and determine our decisions and our actions. The wishes and goals of our customer are always essential for us.

3 Together we shape our success

With our knowledge and commitment, we contribute to the prosperity of the company. We can deliver outstanding performance because we rely on our skills and experience and always expand our know-how. We can help shape Pixida by accepting the responsibilities transferred to us and by contributing our own ideas.

4 We act with responsibility

We are committed to acting responsibly – in technical, social, economic and legal terms as well in respect to society as a whole. We are committed to pursuing the respective objective and bear the consequences of doing so, both positively and negatively. We handle existing resources responsibly and efficiently.

5 We recognize performance

It is important to us that dedication and personal commitment are rewarded. However, we do not only demand recognition for ourselves, but also show it to our colleagues and superiors. Mutual appreciation for us is personal recognition and at the same time a motivation.

6 We have the expertise – Ask Pixida!

Pixida represents competence, both professionally and socially. We live this by demonstrating our know-how on a daily basis and expanding it through further training and an intensive exchange of experience among colleagues. We make sure that our appearance is professional and appropriate for any situation.

7 We are loyal

By joining the company, we agree to familiarize ourselves with the company’s values. We appreciate the trust placed in us, stand by our mistakes and act in a reliable manner. We treat all work-related and personal information provided to us confidentially.

8 We behave honestly and sincerely

A corporate culture based on partnership requires an open and honest approach. Each of us can and should express our opinion freely. Disagreements are discussed objectively, controversially and only internally with those affected.

9 We are committed to transparency

Each of us is regularly informed about upcoming actions, current developments and decisions made. This openness allows us to actively shape Pixida. It creates space for fruitful discussions, new ideas and constructive criticism.

10 We see diversity as an enrichment

We benefit from the experiences and opinions that each individual brings to us. We value the individual and authentic, always respect each other’s values and principles and treat them with respect.

11 We meet on equal terms

Our dealings with colleagues, superiors, customers and business partners are characterized by respect. For us, respect means perceiving everyone unbiased and always being respectful of them.

12 We enjoy working together

Pixida is community! We live this through cohesion and mutual support as well as through regular joint events and activities. In addition to the professional goals of each individual, the personal goals of each individual are also important to us and are always taken into account.

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